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FileSharePlus - The Simple Document Portal

FileShare Plus provides the following services:

FTP Replacement

FTP Alternative

Web based File Sharing

Document Sharing

Web based Document Manager

Web based File Manager

Web based image gallery


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FileShare Plus is a full-featured document sharing, ftp replacement, ftp alternative, and web based file sharing application. Although many file sharing tools are available on the Internet, FileShare Plus can be installed on your premise or hosted by us. The interface resembles and behaves in similar fashion to Windows Explorer so you will not need to train your users. You ‘ll find prices to be the most reasonable for a tool of this caliber. FileShare Plus is based on the ASP.NET platform and is extensible.

FileShare Plus is used by companies spanning the globe. Our clients range from the large multinational corporations to small businesses and non-profit organizations. Virtually all our clients see simplicity and usability as the most important features of FileShare Plus. Our team of skilled developers is dedicated to continuously improving the features of FileShare Plus. We will set no boundaries on making our product the best ftp alternative in the industry.

FileShare Plus is a “brandable” product which can be made to look like your own. You can upload your own logo and screen background images. The source code of FileShare Plus can be changed to suit your needs.

One of the little known strengths of FileShare Plus is its image gallery. Multiple galleries can be created with any number of images in each. Galleries are useful when displaying graphics for clients, job site photos, staff member photos, and the like.

The Community Edition of FileShare Plus allows a maximum of 20 users and is suited for small companies, non-profits, and large organizations who are simply evaluating the product. The Community Edition contains all the features of the Professional Edition. We recommend  either having an IT professional install FileShare Plus for you or purchasing support from us to insure a successful installation.

Fileshare Plus is also one of the most secure web based file sharing applications of its class. It can be outfitted with SSL encryption. FileShare Plus enforces secure passwords of 8 to 10 mixed case alphanumeric characters. As an ASP.NET document sharing application, FileShare Plus runs within IIS and the Windows server operating system, both of which are mature and currently on solid footing with regard to security.

FileShare Plus is efficient as it does not impose database storage for documents. In fact, FileShare Plus is a web based file sharing tool which stores files on your server’s file system so they do not consume server memory unless they are being uploaded or downloaded. Essentially, FileShare Plus does not place a load on your system unless it is being used. Some document sharing application utilize system RAM whether they are in use or not.

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